Asad Ali Khan
w/ Mohan Shyam Sharma
Ragas Purvi & Joyiga
Nimbus (Indian Classical Masters) 5633


    Raga Purvi
  1. Alap (11'43)
  2. Jor and Jhala (18'59)
  3. Composition in Chautal (14'26)

  4. Raga Joyiga
  5. Alap (8'50)
  6. Jor and Jhala (9'41)
  7. Composition in Tivratal (9'55)

Playing time: 73'38

Recording date: December 1997 (Wyastone Leys)

This is more pensive material than on some of Asad Ali Khan's international recitals, and more appealing than his first Nimbus CD.

It is unclear whether Joyiga (given as such throughout the booklet) is a different spelling of Jogia, or is intended to be a completely distinct raga. In any event, they are at least very similar.

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T. M. McComb