Dhyanam / Meditation
K.V. Narayanaswamy
w/ V.V. Subramaniam (violin), Palghat Raghu (mridangam)
Nonesuch Explorer 72018 [LP]
Warner Classics (Japan) WPCS 10718 [CD]


  1. Sabhapatikku - Abhogi/Rupakam - Gopalakrishna Bharatiyar (4'12)
  2. Raghuvaranannu - Pantuvarali/Adi - Thyagaraja (14'04)
  3. Gopalaka Pahimam - Revagupti/Misra Chapu - Swati Thirunal (9'35)
  4. Javali: Marulukonnadira - Kamas/Desadi - Ramnad Srinivasa Iyengar (4'42)
  5. Tillana: Ni Ri Ni Ri Ga Ma - Purvi/Rupakam - Tirukkokarnam Subbarama Bhagavatar (3'12)

Sound quality: very good

Original release: 1968; CD reissue: 2001

The CD reissue appears to contain the complete original American program notes, in tiny print, plus a longer Japanese insert.

The recording date is not listed here, but the catalog number is slightly lower than the famous Ramnad Krishnan reissue on Nonesuch, so that it was probably recorded earlier. Indeed, in Japanese, the reissue says something about 1960, but I have been unable to verify that date so far. Although the program is less ambitious, it does highlight some quality material.

The remastered CD is apparently in "HDCD" judging by my player's reaction.

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T. M. McComb