Bali - Gong Gede

Bali: Musique pour le Gong Gede
Ocora (Radio France) C 559002


  1. Tabuh Loma-Loma
  2. Tabuh Telu
  3. Tabuh Pisan 1
  4. Tabuh Enem
  5. Tabuh Pisan 2
  6. Galan Kangin

Performers: Musicians of Batur Temple (tracks 1-3); Musicians of Tampaksiring Temple (tracks 4-6)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: September 1972 (Bali) by Jacques Brunet; released: 1987

The Batur musicians are playing an ancient gamelan made of iron, whereas the Tampaksiring musicians are playing a gamelan completed in 1927 and made of bronze.

Some tracks are excerpts, but the overall performance remains noteworthy.

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T. M. McComb