Java - Langen Mandra Wanara

Java: Langen Mandra Wanara
Opera by Danuredjo VII
Kyuahi Tunjung Sari Gamelan
Ocora (Radio France) C 559014/15 (2 CDs)


  1. Langen Mandra Wanara - début
  1. Langen Mandra Wanara - suite et fin

Playing time: 146'

Recording date: 25 July 1975 (Yogyakarta)

Theatrical performances of this sort were traditionally all-night affairs, and indeed this recording can be quite electric & powerful if heard late at night.

The performance opens with the abstract (but including voices) piece, Gending Ladrang Srihascarya, functioning as an overture. The opera itself follows immediately, and scenes intertwine without a break for two and a half hours. There are no track markers, etc. The break between the two CDs is also rather arbitrary.

Unfortunately the performers are listed in rather confusing fashion. It is not entirely clear who is leading the ensemble, etc.

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T. M. McComb