Bali - Gong Semar Pegulingan

Bali: Hommage a Wayan Lotring
Ocora (Radio France) C 559076/77 [CDx2]
Ocora (Radio France) C 582076/77 [CDx2]


  1. Liar Samas
  2. Gambangan
  3. Kapi Raja
  4. Sisyan
  5. Candra Kanta
  6. Pelayon
  7. Solo
  8. Jobog
  1. Legong kraton
    Lasem Garuda
  2. Tunjang
  3. Pemungkah (gender wayang)
  4. Sekar Ginotan (gender wayang)
  5. Merak Ngelo (gender wayang)

Playing time: 130'

Recording date: October 1972 (Bali) by Jacques Brunet

The first CD here is made up of several typical & popular compositions of roughly equal length, while the second begins with a large suite and ends with some solo gender (xylophone) tracks.

This gamelan is made of an alloy of bronze & gold.

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T. M. McComb