Li Xiangting

Chine: L'art du qin
Li Xiangting
Ocora (Radio France) C 560001


  1. Meihua san nong - "Three Variations on the Plum Flower"
  2. Youlan - "The Solitary Orchid"
  3. Ainai - "The Fisherman's Song"
  4. Qiu sai yin - "Autumn Declaiming on the Great Wall"
  5. Liushui - "Flowing Waters"
  6. Yi guren - "An Old Friend"
  7. Xiao Xiang shui yun - "Water and Clouds on the Xiao and Xiang Rivers"
  8. Changmen yan - "Resentment in the Palace of Changmen"
  9. Guangling san

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: 26 February 1990 (Paris)

Li Xiangting (b.1940) is the most important Beijing qin player of his generation, and the most prestigious teacher of the Central Conservatory. His primary teachers were Zha Fuxi (1895-1976) and Wu Jinglüe (1907-1987).

For some time, this was the "most available" qin CD on the international market. At this point, the distant miking of the recording leaves something to be desired.

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T. M. McComb