Lin Shicheng

Chine: L'art du pipa
Lin Shicheng
Ocora (Radio France) C 560046


  1. Chu shui lian - "Lotus Emerging from the Water"
  2. Qiusi - "Autumnal Thought"
  3. Feihua diancui - "Snow Swirling around the Pines"
  4. Chen Xingyuan hefan - "Chen Xingyuan's Despair"
  5. Sichun - "Spring Time Dreaming"
  6. Qinglian yuefu - "Lyric Poem in Praise of Li Bo"
  7. Hangong qiuyue - "Autumn Moon on the Han Palace"
  8. Chun jiang hua yue ye - "Spring, Rivers, Flowers, Moon, Night"
  9. Bawang xiejia - "The Warlord Casts off his Armor"

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: November 1988 (Paris)

Lin Shicheng (b.1922) is the primary representative of the Pudong school of pipa. He is a music instructor in Beijing Conservatory.

The present program highlights the literary repertory, turning to the martial repertory only for the final track. The performance is outstanding. It is the subtlety of articulation which sets it apart when compared to some other speed-oriented performances.

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T. M. McComb