Afghanistan: Rubâb et Dutâr
Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz & Gada Mohammad
Ocora (Radio France) C 560080


    Musique de Hérat
  1. Leili kodâm ast be nok-e bâm ast (rubâb, dutâr, tabla)
  2. Chahârbeiti Siâhmu wa Jalali (dutâr, tabla)
  3. Asadullah Jân (dutâr, tabla)
  4. Jâm-e Nârenji (rubâb, dutâr, tabla)

  5. Musique savante de Kaboul
  6. Naghmeh-e Kashâl - Raga Beiru (rubâb, tabla)
  7. Naghmeh-e Kashâl - Raga Yaman (dutâr, tabla)
  8. Naghmeh-e Kashâl - Raga Bhimpalasi (rubâb, tabla)
  9. Naghmeh-e Kashâl - Raga Pilu (rubâb, dutâr, tabla)
  10. Tarz - Raga Âsâ (rubâb, dutâr, tabla)

Performers: Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz (rubâb), Gada Mohammad (dutâr), Azim Hassanpur (tabla)

Playing time: 77'55"

Recording date: February 1995

Afghanistan has some musical connection to Uzbekistan, as well as to Iran & India. This recording features instrumental art music. It includes both the more folk-based style of Herat and the Indian-influenced art music of Kabul. The rubab (which is the Afghani national instrument, adapted to become the Indian sarod) and the dotar (ubiquitous to Central Asia) are accompanied by tabla.

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T. M. McComb