Turgun Alimatov

Ouzbekistan: Turgun Alimatov
Ocora (Radio France) C 560086


  1. Nawa (sato)
  2. Surmaisi (sato, dutâr)
  3. Farganacha Tanovar (sato, dutâr)
  4. Chul-i Iraq (sato)
  5. Oinasam (sato, dutâr)
  6. Gul-i Zarim (tanbur, dutâr)
  7. Segah (sato, tanbur)
  8. Nasr-i Segah (tanbur)
  9. Samarkand-i Ushshaq (tanbur)
  10. Aman-Yar (tanbur, dutâr)
  11. Sama-i Dugah (tanbur, dutâr)
  12. Chargah (tanbur)
  13. Tanovar (dutâr)
  14. Girya (dutâr)
  15. Dutâr Nawaisi (dutâr)

Performers: Turgun Alimatov (sato, tanbur, dutâr), Alisher Alimatov (tanbur, dutâr)

Playing time: 75'37"

Recording date: May 1995

The tanbur is a long-necked lute with sharp metallic tone, while the sato is a bowed tanbur, and the dutâ is a two-stringed lute. Turgun Alimatov is accompanied by his son.

The style is essentially modern, using a mixture of folk tunes and classical developments to forge a synthetic style.

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T. M. McComb