Java - Yogyakarta

Java: Palais Royal de Yogyakarta
Volume 4 - La musique de concert
Kraton Yogyakarta - KRT Madukusumo
Ocora (Radio France) C 560087


  1. Gending: Wasitah Asih (pélog nem)
    Gending: Samyasih
  2. Gending: Kabor Manyarsih (slendro sanga)
    Ladrang: Santi
    Pelayon Dolanan
  3. Ladrang: Tedaksaking (pélog barang)

Performers: KRT Larasati (solo voice), Nyi Mursinah (vocal direction), et al.

Instruments: Gamelans Kangjéng Kyahi Madu Kentir ("Venerable Fool of Honey", pelog), Kangjéng Kyahi Sirat Madu ("Venerable Torrent of Honey", slendro)

Playing time: 71'

Recording dates: 1970-73 (Java); issued on CD: 1995

The first track is a rather serious piece, whereas the second is a lighter item. The final track is a very short instrumental piece signifying the exit of the Sultan.

Both of the major tracks include "warm up" sections which are rather unnecessary, and build rather slowly. This is perhaps the most hypnotic item on the list.

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T. M. McComb