Ferghana: Grand Voices of the Past

Les Grandes voix du passé (1940-1965)
Ocora (Radio France) C 560142


  1. Akmâl-khân & Bâbâ-khân Subhânov (voice, tanbûr, dotâr): Ode au Prophète (c.1955)
  2. Akmâl-khân & Bâbâ-khân Subhânov (voice, tanbûr, dotâr): Tchol Irâq (c.1955)
  3. Akmâl-khân & Bâbâ-khân Subhânov (voice, tanbûr, dotâr): Mubtala buldum senga "I Can't Do Without You" (c.1955)
  4. Jurâ-khân Sultânov (1893-1964; voice): Gulzarim qani "Where is My Rose Garden?" (1957)
  5. Jurâ-khân Sultânov (voice, tanbûr) / Ma'mur-jân Uzaqov (1904-1964; voice, ghijak): Ushshâq Sâdir-khân (1938)
  6. Jurâ-khân Sultânov / Ma'mur-jân Uzaqov (voice, orchestra): Rahm eyla "Give me leave!" (1938)
  7. Hadiye Yusupova (voice) / Fakhriddin Sâdiqov (dotâr): Chanson classique (1959)
  8. Rasul Qâri Mamadaliev (1928-1976; voice, tanbûr) / Kamâluddin Hamraqul: Nasri Uzzal (1964/5)
  9. Rasul Qâri Mamadaliev (voice, tanbûr) / Kamâluddin Hamraqul: Mihribân topmadim (1964/5)
  10. Rasul Qâri Mamadaliev (voice, tanbûr): Naqildim (1964/5)
  11. Zaynab Pâlvânova (voice, orchestra): Ushshâq-i Samarqand (1951/60)
  12. Ma'mur-jân Uzaqov (voice, orchestra): Ferghana suwara (1958/62)
  13. Ma'mur-jân Uzaqov (voice, orchestra): Bir kelip ketsin (1958/62)
  14. Ma'mur-jân Uzaqov (voice, orchestra): Surating "His Face" (1958/62)

Playing time: 76'

Compilation release: April 1999

Recording dates as noted parenthetically. The sound quality of this release, especially under the circumstances, is phenomenal. The engineers deserve a great deal of credit; these sometimes sound like new recordings.

The historical perspective can be intriguing.

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T. M. McComb