Korea - Gayageum Sanjo

Korea: Gayageum Sanjo
École Choi Ok-Sam
Kim Hae-Sook (gayageum) / Yoon Ho-Se (buk)
Ocora (Radio France) C 560247
Ocora (Radio France) C 561247


  1. Daseureum
  2. Jinyangjo
  3. Jungmori
  4. Jungjungmori
  5. Neujeun Jajinmori
  6. Jajinmori
  7. Hwimori

Playing time: 45'10"

Recording date: 2011 (Seoul)

Kim Hae-Sook (b.1954) plays the Sanjo in the style of Choi Ok-Sam (1905-1956), who is purported to have had a particularly precisely composed and masculine style, and is reported to be a highly logical player. Yoon Ho-Se (b. 1969) plays the buk, a large cylindrical skin drum beaten with a stick, and one of the two traditional percussion accompaniments to Sanjo.

This is an especially appealing production, with both beautiful & extensively informative liner notes.

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T. M. McComb