Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian - Art of the Duduk

Armenia: The Art of the Duduk
Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian, et al.
Ocora (Radio France) C 560287


  1. Vostan
  2. Mélodies de l'Arménie occidentale
  3. Me khosk unim (Sayat-Nova, XVIIIe s.)
  4. Machkal es (traditional work song)
  5. Mélodies de la ville de Gumri
  6. Sev mut amper (traditional)
  7. Mélodies de la région d'Artsakh
  8. Ashkharums (Sayat-Nova, XVIIIe s.)
  9. Tsirani Tsar (Komitas)

Performers: Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian (duduk), Artur Kasabyian (duduk dam/drone), Tigran Hovhannisyan (dhôl)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: May 2019 (Armenia)

Both the opening track as well as those entitled Mélodies de... are contemporary creations by Sarikouyoumdjian, including improvisation, and exploring particular musical modes in a quasi-systematic manner. The other tracks are traditional pieces.

Drone playing here is also especially notable for its understated strength & precision.

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T. M. McComb