Ustad Amir Khan: The Legend Lives On
Ragas Nand, Bahar, Darbari Kanada
OMI Magnasound D3HV 0636


  1. Raga Nand (25'16)
    'E bare sainyyaan' - vilambit in Jhumra & madhyalaya / drut in Ek taal
  2. Raga Bahar - drut in teen taal (15'22)
  3. Raga Darbari Kanada - vilambit in Jhumra (13'25)

Sound quality: good; mike too close

Recording date: unknown; production date: 1993

Accompanists are not listed.

This is still a fine & valuable program, although more extensive ones are appearing.

Note that this same recital is apparently also available on the "Multitone" label. I have not verified that fact, or contrasted the two productions.

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T. M. McComb