Mallikarjun Mansur In Concert
Volume 1: Morning Ragas
Ragas Bibhas, Yamani Bilawal, Bhairavi
Pyramid Classical 7008


  1. Raga Bibhas (39'05)
    'Ye ho narahar narayan' - vilambit in teentaal
    'More re meet piharawaa' - drut in teentaal
  2. Raga Yamani Bilawal (23'36)
    'Ali re kituwe gaye logawa' - vilambit in teentaal
  3. Raga Bhairavi (7'29)
    'Daro na daro na mope rung suno suno' - drut in teentaal
    'Mata ja, mata ja, mata ja jogi' - drut in teentaal

Sound quality: fairly good; hiss sometimes

Recording date: 1982 (by R.H. Bengeri); CD issue: 1994

Accompanists are not named.

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T. M. McComb