D.K. Jayaraman & Disciples
Pancharathna Krithis
w/ R.K. Shriram Kumar (violin), J. Vaidhyanathan (mridangam)
Pyramid Raga 7014


  1. Jagadanandakaraka - Nattai/Adi - Thyagaraja (10'06)
  2. Dudukugala Nanne - Gowla/Adi - Thyagaraja (10'43)
  3. Sadhinchane - Aarabhi/Adi - Thyagaraja (8'07)
  4. Kanakanaruchira - Varali/Adi - Thyagaraja (13'39)
  5. Endaro Mahanubhavulu - Sri/Adi - Thyagaraja (14'30)

Sound quality: good (but with loud static at a few spots in track #4, lamentably)

Recording date: unknown; CD issue: 1996

Support vocalists are not named, but I think we can guess who they are based on the number of apaswaras they emit. Although it has some good points, and the program is of course valuable, this recital is not very satisfying.

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T. M. McComb