Ragam Tanam Pallavi
Bombay Sisters - C. Saroja & C. Lalitha
w/ Usha Rajagopalan (violin), Arjun Kumar (mridangam), Govindarajan (ghatam)
EMI India CDNF 147794


  1. Ragam Tanam - Shanmukhapriya (32'09)
  2. Pallavi "Murukaiyyane Panneeru Kaiyyane Valli Deivanai Manalane" - Kandajathi Triputa Tala, 2 Kalai (30'18)

Sound quality: excellent

Recording date: 1995

It is definitely nice to have an RTP of this duration on CD. Most tend to be squeezed into longer recitals. Nonetheless, in concert, a major RTP would be twice this length. The strength here is definitely in the rhythmic section of the program, and my enthusiasm has cooled somewhat with time.

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T. M. McComb