Evergreen Ragas
Ustad Vilayat Khan
EMI India CDNF 150142


  1. Raga Yaman (50'42)
    Gat Vilambit - Madhyalaya & Drut in Teentaal
    Tabla: Manikrao Popatkar
  2. Raga Mishra Maand (21'27)
    Gat Teentaal
    Tabla: Zakir Hussain

Recording dates: track #1 - 1968, track #2 - 1980; Released on CD: 1994

Sound quality: fairly good

This performance of Yaman is a classic, although note that it contains no alap section, but rather starts right in with a magical vilambit (slow tempo) gat.

The other track is of limited value, and represents one of many more superficial efforts of Vilayat Khan with Zakir Hussain.

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T. M. McComb