Dr. M.L. Vasanthakumari - Carnatic Concert
w/ Sudha Raghunathan (vocal support), A. Kanyakumari (violin), R. Ramesh (mridangam)
Super Audio (Geethanjali) 020


  1. Vanthisuve - Nattai/Khanda Chapu - Purandaradasa (5'29)
  2. Evaritho - Manavathi/Adi - Thyagaraja (2'48)
  3. Palimpa - Arabhi/Adi, tisra nadai - Pallavi Seshayyam (12'08)
  4. Rama Nama - Durbari Kannada/Rupakam - Purandaradasa (5'53)
  5. Gananaya Desika - Rishaba Priya/Adi - Koteswara Iyer (26'00)
  6. Thillana - Behag/Adi - Lalgudi Jayaraman (4'39)

Sound quality: good

Recording date: unknown; CD issue: 1996

One difficult thing about M.L. Vasanthakumari's recorded performances is that they are highly variable in quality. Often they seemed rushed or distant, and not to be too derogatory, but I have been told by people who heard her often that the same was true of her concert performances. At her best, her presentations were simply among the very best available, but at other times they are barely worth hearing. One never knows what to expect from the various reissues.

The present recording is probably on the most obscure label with the cheapest production values on the list. However, the sound is surprisingly good, and the information is accurate. It is also a nicely coherent program, well-presented. Although it would seem that several other reissues of MLV tapes would be of equal or superior quality, this has simply not been the case. The program here is unusual in composition, but valuable for its raga choices. The extended rishabapriya rendition continues to be compelling for repeated listening.

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T. M. McComb