Greatest Classicals of M.S. Subbulakshmi
Shankar CDSV 1013


  1. Bhogindra Shayinam - Kuntalavarali/Mishra Jhampa - Swathi Tirunal (3'50)
  2. RTP: Bhajare Bhajamanasa - Kanada/Adi - Dikshilai? (35'01)
  3. Brochevarevarura - Khamas/Adi - Mysore Vasudevacharya (7'49)
  4. Dasana Madithe - Chakravaham/Adi - Purandaradasa (5'19)
  5. Endaro Mahanubavula - Sri/Adi - Thyagaraja (12'00)

Sound quality: fair (tape break in track #2)

Recording date: unknown

Accompanists are not listed.

Although the production standards for this release are abysmal, there are some gems included.

Item #1 is labeled only as a title, and this is incorrect; I have corrected the title and supplied the tala, and I believe the raga/composer are also correct but cannot swear to it. I do not know the composer "Dikshilai" given for item #2, but it is certainly an RTP, although not labeled as such. It also ends abruptly before a thani would have appeared.

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T. M. McComb