Classical Moods of M.S. Subbulakshmi
Shankar CDSV 1014


  1. Amba Nee Irangayemil - Atana/Adi - Papanasam Sivan (4'41)
  2. Rama Neesamana - Karaharapriya/Rupakam - Thyagaraja (30'43)
  3. Ranganayakam Bhavayeham - Nayaki/Adi - Muthuswamy Dikshitar (20'16)
  4. Manavyala Kinchara - Nalinikanthi/Adi - Thyagaraja (4'20)

Sound quality: fairly good (last track fair)

Recording date: unknown

Accompanists are not listed. Track #3 is mistakenly listed as a kriti of Thyagaraja. Track #2 contains a tape glitch, but then starts up again where it left off; it is jarring, but otherwise sounds ok.

Between the poor production quality and the more polished recitals from MSS, it is difficult to be too enthusiastic about this one, although it does have its strengths. The Dikshitar kriti in Nayaki is valuable, although most of that track is an extensive thani.

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T. M. McComb