North Yemen Anthology

North Yemen
Naïve Unesco (Musics and Musicians of the World) D 8004


  1. Chargui & Hakif dances (2 gasaba flutes, 3 tabl drums, 2 large marfa' kettle drums, 2 small tunkarat kettle drums)
  2. Ghazal (sung by Hussein Ali-Hijazi)
  3. Zar (tanbura by Omar Yussof Traibi)
  4. Rahil (sung by Yakya Faradj & chorus)
  5. Aghani Atifi (chorus & dekm percussion)
  6. Mutawal ('ud of Sanaa by Kassel el Akhfach)
  7. Yemenite Zafat (excerpt sung by Hussein Lahed & chorus)
  8. Mutawal ('ud of Sanaa by Naji Barakat)
  9. Ghina "Ya Rab as-alabhil jalatat" (voice & tar by Chaaran sisters)
  10. Hakfat (2 gasaba flutes by Ismail Mohammed Khoureissan & Mansour el Qasaba)

Playing time: 49'14"

Recording date: 1975 (Yemen) by Christian Poche & Jochen Wenzel; reissued: 1988

This easily remains the most significant general anthology of Yemeni music. It contains not only classical sung poetry & related instrumentals on the 'ud of Sanaa (which I have listed as dedicated recitals), but functional music of various types, including some unusual winds & percussion.

Another general survey, with less depth than the present one:

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A quality recital featuring more of the functional vocal music:

Chants sacrés de Sanaa
Les chantres yéménites
Institut du Monde Arabe 321035

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T. M. McComb