Java - Vocal Art

Java: Art Vocal
Naïve Unesco (Musics and Musicians of the World) D 8014


  1. The Legend of Dewaruci Kaca
  2. Gambirsawit
  3. Siteran Gambirsawit

Performers: R.S. Banjaransari (track 1), Sunarto (track 2), Niken Larasati (track 3)

Playing time: 45'

Recording date: 1979; reissued: 1989

The opening track is for solo voice, while the final two tracks have a light instrumental accompaniment (a 13-string zither in #2, and three zithers with percussion and male chorus in #3). The male "chorus" is a single voice, that of Puspaswara. The accompaniment in track #2 is by the singer himself.

These singers are mainly associated with Yogyakarta Kraton.

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T. M. McComb