North India: Instrumental Music of Medieval India
Ustad Asad Ali Khan
w/ Pandit Gopal Das (pakhawaj)
Raga Darbari Kanada / Raga Gunakali
Naïve Unesco (Anthology of Traditional Musics) D 8205


    Raga Darbari Kanada
  1. Alap (18'40)
  2. Jod (11'42)
  3. Jhala (9'02)
  4. Dhrupad (13'39)

  5. Raga Gunakali
  6. Alap (10'32)
  7. Jod (8'26)
  8. Jhala (5'24)

Playing time: 77'41"

Recording date: 1991

Tanpura by: Mohamed Saklain

Asad Ali Khan (b.1937) excels in courtly ragas like Darbari Kanada, and this disc presents him at the height of his ability. The renditions are very forceful and compelling in the khandarbani style.

It certainly seems as though there was a Dhrupad proper recorded for the Gunakali section, but that it did not fit on the CD. This is especially unfortunately, since the rhythmic sections are Asad Ali Khan's strength.

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T. M. McComb