India - Vicitra Vina
The Music of Pandit Lalmani Misra
Raga Kausi Kanhada
Naïve Unesco (Anthology of Traditional Musics) D 8267


  1. Raga Kausi Kanhada (Malkauns style)
    Gat in slow tintal
    Gat in fast tintal

Tabla: Pandit Ishwar Lal Misra

Tambura: Carolyn Y. Tewari

Playing time: 61'43"

Recording date: April 1976 (Sonoma California) by Laxmi G. Tewari

Sound quality: fairly good (live)

Lalmani Misra was the leading performer of vichitra vina during the era in which Indian classical music found its way around the world; he passed away in the 70s, so this recording is valuable. The sound is however of rather low dynamic range, and the performance is fairly pedestrian.

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T. M. McComb