Java - Gadhon

Chamber Music of Central Java
Sarasehan Krawitan Surakarta
World Music Library 5152


  1. Gênding: Danaraja (slendro sanga)
  2. Gênding: Rimong (pelog barang)

Performers: K. Widadanagara (kêthuk, kêmpyang), Saptana (rêbab), Soewita (gênder), Wakija (kêndhang), Dalimin (kênong), Soeyadi (slentêm), Tarnapangrawit (suling, gong gêde)

Instruments: Gamelans Kyai Slamêt (slendro), Kyai Pringgitan (pelog)

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: June 1992 (Solo)

The strongly featured string & wind sounds of the rebab & suling give this recording a distinctive profile. These instruments generally go along with vocal performances, but here provide a similar sort of texture in the foreground of a smaller brass ensemble.

Although some newer recordings have even better sound, this recording continues to be quite appealing.

The first track is now one of the most-recorded gendings.

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T. M. McComb