Java - Klênêgan Solo

Klênêgan Session of Solonese Gamelan, I
Gamelan Musicians of the R.R.I (National Broadcasting)
World Music Library 5185


  1. Gêndhing: Kêmbang Mara (pelog lima)
  2. Gêndhing: Krawitan (slendro nêm)

Performers: Wahya (rêbab), Wakija (kêndhang), Paimin (gênder), Soeyadi (bonang), Sukarna (gambang), Tarnapangrawit (suling), Tukinêm, Suparni, Tantinah (sindhen), et al.

Instruments: Gamêlan Kyai Kadukmanis (pelog), Gamêlan Kyai Manisrêngga (slendro)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: June 1992 (Susuhunan, Solo)

Although a recording of good sound quality, generally speaking, the large amount of divergent activity occuring here could benefit from more detailed audiophile sound. The large amount of activity thus becomes both a strength and a weakness for this recording, but hearing the "vastness" of sound and breadth of sonorities is worthwhile. This was a very significant recording when first produced.

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T. M. McComb