Chen Jiebing

Spirit on two Strings, Vol. 1 - Traditional
Chen Jiebing
Wind Records "Solar" SMCD-1001


  1. Moon Reflects on Erh-Chuan Spring
  2. Soughing Pines
  3. The Flowing River
  4. On the Way Home
  5. Birds Singing in a Deserted Mountain
  6. Flicking of the Candlelight
  7. Eve's Night
  8. Singing at Leisure
  9. Bright Prospects

Performers: Chen Jiebing (erhu), Zhao Yangqin (yangqin)

Playing time: 50'

Recording date: 1993 (Santa Barbara, CA)

The erhu is a two-stringed fiddle which, although said to be introduced by foreigners, has a long history in Chinese music. Although it has historically been associated with the lower classes, and so does not have the same sort of abstract repertory as the instruments above, it has attained a more universal status in the twentieth century.

The production quality here is high, as is the standard of erhu (two-string fiddle, a specific member of the more general class of "hu-qin") performance. Chen Jiebing has performed in a wide array of settings, including Western-style concertos, and presumably the later volumes will reflect that diversity. However, the present program consists of the traditional repertory, ably accompanied on yangqin (hammered dulcimer).

In the repertory, the first track is especially attractive, and the instrument's concert repertory turns on the blind genius A Bing (1893-1950) whose own archival playing is highlighted on another Wind release.

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T. M. McComb