Gong Yi

Guangling Melody
Chinese Guqin Solo by Gong Yi
Wind Records "Solar" SMCD-1006


  1. Liu Shui - "Flowing Water"
  2. Zui Yu Chang Wan - "Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman"
  3. Guangling San - "Guangling Melody"
  4. Singing in the Mountain Life
  5. Chang Men Yuan - "Grievance of Changmen"
  6. Drunk Song
  7. Parting at the Yang Guan
  8. Xiao Xiang Shui Yun - "Misty Rivers of Xiao Xiang"
  9. Da Hu Jia - "Hujia, the Major"

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: 1995 (Santa Barbara, CA)

Gong Yi (b.1941) is one of the new generation of international guqin performers, studying with many masters and adopting a composite style. He is based in Shanghai, where he teaches at the Shanghai Conservatory.

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T. M. McComb