Tong Ku-Chiun

Chinese Tung-Hsiao
The Art of Tong Ku-Chiun
Wind Records TCD-1007


  1. Flowing Streams from Mountains (solo)
  2. Buddha in the Temple Hall (solo)
  3. Autumn Recollection (solo)
  4. Slow Variation of "Lao Liu Ban" (w/ sanxian, pipa)
  5. The Moon over Guanshan in Frontier (w/ qin)
  6. Parting at Yang Guan (w/ qin)
  7. Recall of Old Friends (w/ qin)
  8. Slow Variation of "Hua Liu Ban" (w/ erhu)
  9. A Love Song in Autumn Night (w/ pipa)
  10. The Willow Branches Waving (solo)

Playing time: 47'

Production date: 1990 (Shanghai)

Most of these tracks are accompanied, but one lamentable fact regarding the release is that the accompaniment is not specified. My own guesses have been supplemented by remarks by Stephen C. Walker. Performance is excellent, especially in the solo tracks.

One might wish for a truly solo recital, but this one does highlight the xiao nicely.

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T. M. McComb