Parissa & Ensemble Dastan

Gol-e Behesht
Parissa & Ensemble Dastan Esfahan / Abu'ata
Network 29.204 (2 CDs)


    Mayeh-ye Esfahan by Hamid Motebassem
  1. Kereshmeh (lyrics of Sa'di)
  2. Chahar-Mezrab (instrumental)
  3. Daramad, Saz-o Avaz (lyrics of Rumi)
  4. Tasnif-e Ab-e zolal (lyrics of Rumi)
  5. Bayat-e Radje', Saz-o Avaz (lyrics of Rumi)
  6. Bidad (instrumental)
  7. Forud (lyrics of Rumi)
  8. Tasnif-e Bot-e ziba (lyrics of Rumi)
    Mayeh-ye Abu'ata by Hossein Behroozinia
  1. Moghaddameh, Saz-o Avaz, Daramad (lyrics of Nizami)
  2. Tasnif-e Dar Ayeneh (lyrics of Nizami)
  3. Hedjaz (lyrics of Araghi)
  4. Chahar-mezrab and Avaz (lyrics of Niaz-e Djoshghani)
  5. Kamancheh solo (instrumental)
  6. Tasnif-e Hadith-e Asheghi (lyrics of Nizami)

Performers: Parissa (voice), Hossein Behroozinia (barbat), Said Farajpoori (kamancheh), Pejman Hadadi (tonbak, pendariq), Hamid Motebassem (tar), Behnam Samani (daff, dayreh, dammam)

Playing time: 118'

Recording date: February 2005 (Berlin)

There is some good material here, but overall the production lacks intimacy. Heavily orchestrated and with long & fairly repetitive instrumental interludes, the poetry does not shine as it should. I continue to admire Parissa, but would prefer a more intimate & spontaneous conception to the accompaniment and program.

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T. M. McComb