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The function of this page is to answer the question "How can I buy the recordings you mention?" and it is constructed even more strictly from the viewpoint of how I actually bought them. It does not attempt to be a comprehensive resource on World Music labels.

When this page was written in 1992 (as an ftp document, it can be noted, before http was widespread), none of the sources mentioned had web pages(!). Things have changed a great deal. At that time, this was a list of addresses, but it is being converted into a list of links, as appropriate.

I must also state that I have no financial association whatsoever with any of the sources mentioned in this file, except as a consumer or possibly a reviewer.

Indian retailers

A large portion of the recordings mentioned continue to be Indian, and available only through Indian retailers. The following shops can be noted:

These are the two retailers from whom I have ordered recordings by mail. The majority of that business was done with Shrimati's, prior to the time they opened their web site. Phoning them works quite well.

There are other Indian retailers with web sites, but none with whom I have experience to recommend. Information is typically limited, so it is difficult to know which recording is which.

The present file will only be of real help to people in the US, unfortunately. I do not have the relevant knowledge to provide more info. One correspondent has recommended Sona Rupa for European retail.

See also the general retailers list from the Early Music FAQ, which could also be helpful.

Labels with web pages

The following generally available international labels have been mentioned in my lists:

These labels should be available from a variety of sources in many countries.

The following smaller specialist labels also have web sites:

These labels may or may not be available at general retail outlets.

Some contact information for other labels

Caltex Records
9045-A Eton Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91304
Phone: 1-800-522-5839 / 1-818-700-8657
Fax: 1-818-700-0285

Caltex is an all-Iranian label, with decent sound quality and poor production standards otherwise.

India Archive Music Ltd.
2124 Broadway, Suite 343
New York, NY 10023
Phone: (212) 740-1508

India Archive is all Hindustani music; they have excellent sound quality.

If there are omissions or problems, please let me know.

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Todd M. McComb