Medieval Music & Arts Foundation - Legal Status

The Medieval Music & Arts Foundation is a legal corporate entity. The relevant portions of our statement of purpose from the articles of incorporation and bylaws are online. Our official date of incorporation with the State of California was 2/16/99. Our fiscal year ends on December 31. According to California law, we are a non-profit public benefit corporation. Our preliminary designation as a public charity by the United States government was in April 1999, beginning an "advanced ruling period" on 5/3/99. Our permanent status as a public charity was confirmed on 3/17/2004. We are now a tax exempt corporation with full legal standing.

According to the United States government and its IRS tax service, we are a tax exempt corporation as described in tax code section 501(c)(3). We are specifically a public charity under classification 509(a)(2). We are required by law to meet certain financial requirements described in these tax code paragraphs.

In order to continue to meet these tax regulations, we do need to receive public donations, and the IRS does insist that we explicitly ask for money. I will not do so in the main content of the site. Because of tax laws concerning sources of income, it means there will always be a burden to get money from enough different people to sustain the organization. For an organization of this type, diversity of funding sources is the main requirement. We must have a sufficient number of different donors to meet legal percentages.

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Todd M. McComb