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The various comments here are very out-of-date. Basically, if a purchasing link works, then it works. Any additional comments that I once had on this no longer seem relevant. I have not removed this aspect of the site yet, although that could happen at any moment.

As a response to reader requests, we are developing the present service. The intention is to provide direct links to CDs at online retailers, making it very easy to purchase them.

Direct links to our current affiliates, formatted so as to support us, are:

For an explanation of what our database product files contain, and for some helpful tips on using both this service and the retail links themselves, please see:

Since the sections of this website are not commercial, and are housed under the non-profit Medieval Music & Arts Foundation, the product links exist as a courtesy to our readers and not for the commercial purposes of the retailers chosen. I urge you to read:

That page includes a discussion of monetary considerations and motives. From the consumer's viewpoint, the finances should be entirely transparent. Maintaining a standard of ethics is very important to us.

It is expected that these pages will be accessed primarily by following links to "purchase information" from the pre-existing CD information files at this site.

Lookup Form

The following form is available to lookup information on a specific recording, provided that you know the "code" we have used to identify it. This code is our filename. If you do not have this information, you will want to find your selection in one of the CD indices.

Looking for CDs is best accomplished through the following entry points:

The other, smaller sections of the full website also contain some CD references.

You can also use the label code alone, to get information about the label only.

Lookup product:

Note that this is not a search engine, so you need to know the precise information to obtain the desired result.

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Todd M. McComb