Notes on Product Information Database

Basically, this is a database to lookup retail information for a specific CD citation. The intention is to include only CD information at the present time. Hopefully all of the CDs mentioned on the site can be included at some point, but that may be an impossible task, especially when it comes to keeping it up to date.

What you get when you pull up one of these pages is basically this:

Other resources at this site which contain potentially helpful information are:

Note that distribution information can be difficult to keep current. In some cases, simple general statements will be given about the label availability when specific distribution information is not known. The main thing there is whether one can expect to find or order it at an ordinary retailer, and lines will be drawn in that way.

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How the direct retail links work

The links point directly to the product entry for the specific CD at the named retailer's site. At that point, the CD can be added to a shopping basket for purchase. The CD is not added until you follow another link after going to the retail site, but it is one simple & obvious link. The technology should be capable of letting you add the product to the shopping basket so that you can still use the back arrow to return to this site, and then go to another product page and add another CD to the same shopping basket, etc. This should be much easier than searching for the CDs by hand at the retailer's site.

When no purchase information is available, it generally means the CD is not available in the US. It may also mean simply that no convenient means of purchase was available, or that the database has not yet been updated to reflect the relevant information. It can be a challenge to keep these links current, but for the most part, once setup, they remain accurate.

Note that the actual retail transactions are handled at the other site, and so we are not involved in that. If you have a problem with them, for some reason, you can let me know. I don't want to do business with someone who cannot provide adequate service. However, I believe the present choices are reputable, and I have had decent personal experience with them.

We have affiliate relationships with the following sites:

Following those links will also place you under our affiliate relationship, and you can search the sites as normal, without the specific product links. In both cases, we get paid a small percentage of what you spend (please see the "Why?" link below for an explanation of what happens to the money), so you can support us in this way if you like. Please do not feel obligated.

See also: Some remarks on the retailers chosen.

Hopefully these direct purchase URLs will remain valid, and this will be a convenient service for you. If you read all of this, thank you, because I do not want any misunderstandings.

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Todd M. McComb