Perspectives on Medieval Repertory

There is certainly more than one way to view the medieval repertory, and so this page will provide an entry point into more of those views. The aim will always be a succinct listing of suggested recordings around a theme or idea, with some discussion to orient the reader. Any style of music can be surveyed in various ways, and this is our clear acknowledgement of that fact.

Topical discussions

Above we will consider "medieval music" in the broadest sense, including some threads which are sometimes designated Renaissance as well as some relations to world or modern music. The surveys here will be developed one at a time, in no particular order, so as to highlight particular ideas or musical styles.

One thing which continues to make constructing lists & overviews of this sort challenging is that recordings quickly go into and out of print, based on various factors. Quality is rarely one of those factors, and in many cases, we have chosen simply to ride out the waves of unavailability. This does make it difficult for the reader, and of course, as always, citations will include alternate suggestions within their detailed files whenever appropriate. The lists within the articles will always be succinct, as a matter of practicality for the reader.

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Todd M. McComb