Medieval Perspectives: Medieval Music on Video

As more classical music appears on video, especially on DVD, medieval music appears too. Whereas not many medieval music videos have appeared to date, it is possible that this output could grow substantially in the future.

At present, then, this list will consist of all significant medieval music videos of which we are aware. We define a "medieval music video" as a video made for the purpose of highlighting medieval music, and consisting primarily of medieval music. In other words, feature films in which some medieval music appears as background will not appear. We define a "significant" release as one on a known label with national or international distribution. Private source videos are not included.


In portrait
Hildegard: Ordo Virtutum
Vox Animae
BBC 0874 [DVD]
Thy Kiss of a Divine Nature
The Contemporary Perotin
Hilliard Ensemble
Arthaus Musik 100 695 [DVDx2 + CD]
Instruments et musiques du Moyen Âge
Various performers
Éditions Musicales Lugdivine « Them'Axe » 7 [DVDx2]
Die lieder des Hugo von Montfort
« Fro welt, ir sint gar húpsch und schón »
Eberhard Kummer
ORF « Alte Musik » CD 3011 [CDx2+DVD]
Obrecht: Missa de Sancto Donatiano (Bruges 1487)
Capella Pratensis
Challenge Classics 72414 [CD+DVD]


Le Roman de Fauvel
The Boston Camerata / Ensemble P.A.N. - Joel Cohen
Erato 96392 [VHS]

As can be readily observed, our overarching criteria of succinctness for these "perspectives" listings is not compromised even slightly by comprehensiveness here.

Perhaps this list can serve as a springboard for a lengthier listing.

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Todd M. McComb