An Ars Antiqua Renaissance

An Ars Antiqua Renaissance
Selected Recordings of Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque Concert-Productions
Ars Antiqua - Dorothy Amarandos
Ars Antiqua Renaissance / Dorothy Amarandos (4 CDs)


  1. Buxtehude: Jubilate Domino
  2. Farmer: O stay sweet love
  3. Allison: Batchelor's Delight
  4. Anon., 16th c.: Those eyes
  5. Anon., 18th c.: Sonata in F Major for Alto Recorder
  6. Susato: Rondo and Saltarello
  7. Schutz: Singet dem herrn
  8. Abel: Sonata No. 1 in C Major
  9. Corrette: Concerto for Harpsichord & Recorder Obligatto
  10. Martin Mayer: Das Weihnachts Evangelium
  11. Marais: La Folia
  12. Anon., 12th c.: Pater / Tres Filiae (Legends of St. Nicholas)
  13. Dowland: Tarletones riserrectione
  14. Melchior Franck: So wunsch ich ihr
  15. Stamitz: Der Jagd
  16. Home: Tobacco is Like Love
  17. Morley: Sola soletta
  18. Cesarini: Fuggite, Amanti
  19. Morley: Joyne Hands
  20. Gibbons: Street Cryes of London
  21. Everard Guilpin: Let me alone
  1. Leclair: Sonata in D major
  2. John Bennet: Weep, o mine eyes
  3. Zipoli: Cinque versi
  4. Hammerschmidt: Wende dich, Herr
  5. Luzaschi: Venetian Canzona
  6. J.S. Bach: Kann ich nur Jesum
  7. Marais: Three French Dances
  8. Moliere / Lully: Le Sicilian
  9. Rameau: The Hen
  10. Anon., 18th c.: L'Amour de Moy
  11. Christopher Simpson: Divisions on a Ground
    Shakespeare: Seven Ages of Man
  12. Lelio Colista: Trio Sonata No. 4 in D Major
  13. Byrd: My Lord of Oxenford's Masque
  14. Lalande: Regina coeli loetare
  15. Anon., 12th c.: Herod (Fleury Play Book)
  1. Lully: The Three Magiciansique
  2. Anon., c.1460: Der neue Bauernschwantz (Glogauer Liederbuch)
  3. Morley: Shoot, false love, I care not
  4. Byrd: Woolsey's Wilde
  5. Alfonso Ferrabosco: So Beautie on the Water Stood
  6. Kuhnau: Der Todtkranke und Hiskias
  7. Michael Praetorius: Est ist ein Ros'entsprungen
  8. Marais: Tableau of a Gall Bladder Operation
  9. Steffani: Vieni o cara amata sposa
  10. Andrea Gabrieli: Instrumental Canzona
  11. Josquin: Canzona, La Bernardina
  12. Binchois: Veni Creator Spiritus
  13. Domenico da Nola: Occhi miei
  14. Rore: Vergine Pura
  15. Susato: La Bataille
  16. Anon., 12th c.: Judeus (Legends of St. Nicholas)
  17. Anon., 12th c.: St. Nicholas (Legends of St. Nicholas)
  18. Jenkins: Sonata in d minor for violin and cello
  19. Handel: Alma Maria
  20. Francois Couperin: Premier Concert Royeaux
  21. Telemann: Gott will Mensch und sterblich warden
  22. Francois Couperin: Air contre fugue
  23. Anon., 18th c.: Cantique des petits oiseaux
  24. Marais: Gigue
  25. Lully: Menuet e Coeur Finale
  26. Anon., 18th c.: C'est une excuse
  27. Shakespeare: And this our life
  1. Rameau: L'Impatience
  2. Morley: The Lord Souche's Masque
  3. Pilkington: Now let her change
  4. Morley: O Mistress Mine
  5. Dowland: Can shee excuse my wrongs
  6. Dowland: Come away, come, sweet love
  7. Rameau: Musette
  8. Handel: It is not wealth 'or grandeur
  9. Loeillet: Trio sonata for recorder and oboe
  10. Handel: Scacciata dal suo nido
  11. Isaac: Palle, Palle
  12. Isaac: In Minem Sinn
  13. Cara: Oime el Cuor
  14. Corteccia: Madrigal for tenor and viols
  15. Corelli: Sonata in C major for violin
  16. Tartini: Concerto in D major
  17. Hans Valentin Rathgeber: Drey sauff-bruder
  18. Deering: Country Cryes
  19. Shakespeare: Our revels now are ended

Performers: Arnold Brostoff (violin, violin pomposo), Cynthia Hammer (violin), Ralph Rozzi (violin), Helmut Stern (violin), Francis Bundra (violin pomposo), Arthur Culver (violin pomposo), Ralph Jackno (viola d'amore), Marcia Barbour (treble viol, cello), Lorene Field (fiddle), Lee Larrison (fiddle), Carol Bundra (tenor viol), Barbara Haffner (tenor viol), Bruce Smith (tenor viol), Dorothy Amarandos (viola da gamba), Susanna Mauser (lute), Phyllis Rick (lute), Robert Edgerton (recorder), Robert Eliscu (recorder, crummhorn, oboe), Alvin Fulton (recorder, rauschenfife, sordune, crummhorn, percussion, tenor voice), Henry McCorkle (recorder), Daniel Patrylak (trumpet), Sara-Virginia Brown (hand horn), Norman Scwheikert (hand horn), Jan Sheldon (hand horn), Robert Sheldon (hand horn, serpent), Donald Hunsberger (sackbut, trombone), Lance Lehmberg (trombone), John Wyre (percussion), Madeline Ingram (psalter, harpsichord, percussion); Judith Coen, Charlotte Hollenbach, Maris Horner, Jean Jeandheur, Ardis Obermeyer, Dorothy Tolley, Masako Toribara (sopranos); Joyce Castle, Sylvia Friedrich (mezzo-sopranos); Myrta Knox, Euphra Wroblewski (contraltos); Gordon Gibson (countertenor, tenor, actor); John Braund, Bruce Ferguson, Hal Homan, Henry Nason, Charles Taylor (tenors); John Ingram (baritone, actor, narrator); Robert Stills (baritone); William Briggs, Harrison Hood, Paul Mader (basses); Aileen Amarandos, Kathleen Ingram, Nancy Ingram, Lynn Toribara (angel choir); Stephen Borst, Irene Bunde, Baker Salsbury (actors); Marilyn Cameron (actor, staging); Mark Amarandos, George Amarandos Jr., Timothy Ingram, Neil Toribara (attendants); Joseph Baranowski, Langdon Clay, Walter Dixon (narrators); Joan Bates, Lois Lancaster, Archibald Miller (dancers); Kenneth Cameron (scripts, staging), Dorothy Parker (musicology), Dan O'Toole (photography), Sylvia Farrer (graphics)

Playing time: 297'

Recording dates: 1960-1965 (live in the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery); released: 2005

Ars Antiqua was established in 1957, and associated with the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. This program consists of selected items from their live concerts of 1960-1965.

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