Choral Polyphony from the Low Countries

High Renaissance
Choral Polyphony from the Low Countries
New London Chamber Choir - James Wood
Saydisc / Amon Ra 73 [CD]


    La Rue: Missa pro defunctis
  1. Introit
  2. Kyrie
  3. Sicut cervus
  4. Offertory
  5. Sanctus
  6. Lux aeterna
  7. Agnus Dei
  8. Regis: O admirabile commercium
  9. Busnois: Anthoni usque limina
  10. Dufay: Ave regina celorum
  11. Obrecht: Factor orbis
  12. Brumel: Nato canunt omnia

  13. Josquin: Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae
  14. Kyrie
  15. Gloria
  16. Sanctus
  17. Josquin: La Deploration de Johannes Ockeghem

Playing time: 80'

Release date: 2019

Reissued from La Rue / Josquin & The Brightest Heaven of Invention, omitting some tracks.

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Todd M. McComb