Motets c.1500

The Brightest Heaven of Invention
Flemish Polyphony of the High Renaissance
New London Chamber Choir - James Wood
Amon Ra 56


  1. Regis: O admirabile commercium
  2. Obrecht: Factor orbis
  3. Josquin: Preter rerum serium
  4. Brumel: Nato canunt omnia
  5. Obrecht: Salve crux
  6. Busnois: In hydraulis
  7. Dufay: Ave regina celorum
  8. Busnois: Anthoni usque limina

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: November 1991

This performance is by a small, mixed chamber choir. The selection is quite admirable.

This repertory remains the heart of Franco-Flemish polyphony, and by extension, of Renaissance music.

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