Troubadours & Trouvères

Manuscrit du Roi
Ensemble Perceval - Guy Robert
Arion 68225


  1. Raimon Jordan: Lo clar temps (voice, lute, rebec, psaltery)
  2. Guiot de Dijon: Chanterai por mon corage (voice, harp, psaltery)
  3. Peire Vidal: Pos vesem que l'iverns s'iral (voice, ud)
  4. Richard de Fournival: Onques n'amait (voice, harp, vielle)
  5. Anon: Domna pos vos (voice, ud, rebec, psaltery)
  6. Guillaume le Vinier: Dame des ciux (voice, organ, vielle)
  7. Anon: A l'entrada del tans florit (voice, harp, vielle)
  8. Jaufre Rudel: Lan que li jor (chant, ud, rebec)
  9. Conon de Béthune: Tane ai amé (voice, lute, rebec, psaltery)
  10. Audefroi le Bastart: Bele emmelos (voice)

Performers: Gérard Zuchetto, Katia Caré, Jean-Pierre Dubuquoy, Patrice Brient, Guy Robert

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: August 1992

This recording is taken from one of the oldest manuscripts of courtly repertory, including both troubadour and trouvère songs. It was compiled around 1250, and associated with the court of Charles d'Anjou. It also has the dubious distinction of trying to find a "suitable conflation" of French and Occitan, though from our perspective this is an interesting experiment (taken up by the singers in some songs).

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For other recordings, see Ensemble Perceval discography.

Gérard Zuchetto, one of the singers on this disc, has done several solo recordings of troubadour songs. The first volume of a series:

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An older recital in similar style:

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