Dowland lute music

Lute Music of John Dowland
Paul O'Dette
Astrée 7715


  1. The Shoemaker's Wife. A Toy
  2. La Mia Barbara
  3. The Right Honourable the Lady Cliftons Spirit
  4. Mrs. Clifton's Almain
  5. Alo
  6. The most sacred Queene Elizabeth, her Galliard
  7. Walsingham
  8. A Galliard upon Walsingham
  9. Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
  10. Fantasie
  11. A Fancy
  12. Sir John Langton his Pauin
  13. The Right Honourable the Lady Rich, her Galliard
  14. Mrs. Winter's Jump
  15. Mrs. White's Thing
  16. Mrs. White's Nothing
  17. Lachrimae
  18. Galliard to Lachrimae
  19. Farewell

Instruments: 8-course Lute (Paul Thomson), 8-coure Lute (Nico van der Waals)

Playing time: 55'

Recording date: July 1983

[6], [17] Naïve (Auvidis) "Special" AS 1 29002 [CD] Shakespeare et la Musique Anglaise - Shakespeare and English Music
[10] Astrée (Auvidis) E 7699 [CD] Astrée Auvidis: un autre regard sur la musique

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