Gibbons: Fantaisies Royales

Orlando Gibbons
Fantaisies Royales (Fantasies of III Parts)
J. Savall, C. Coin, S. Casademunt, J. Sonnleitner
Astrée AS 43 [LP]
Astrée (Auvidis) E 7747 [CD]
Astrée (Naïve) « Musica Britannica » ES 9950 [CD]


    Orlando Gibbons
    Fantaisies Royales (Fantasies of III Parts)

  1. Fantasie XII (Great Double Bass, No. 4)
  2. Fantasie V
  3. Fantasie II
  4. Fantasie VII
  5. Fantasie III
  6. Fantasie VI
  7. Fantasie XIV (Great Double Bass, No. 3)
  8. Fantasie X (Great Double Bass, No. 1)
  9. Fantasie VIII
  10. Fantasie I
  11. Fantasie IX
  12. Fantasie XV (Great Double Bass, No. 2)
  13. Fantasie IV
  14. In Nomine (à 4)

Playing time: 41' 15"

Jordi Savall (treble viol), Christophe Coin (alto viol, soprano viol), Sergi Casademunt (bass viol), Johannes Sonnleitner (positive organ)

Recording site and date:
Church of Nenzlingen, Switzerland [01/1979]
Rel.: 1979 [AS], 1988 (E), 10/17/2000 (ES)

[6] Naïve (Auvidis) "Special" AS 1 29002 [CD] Shakespeare et la Musique Anglaise - Shakespeare and English Music

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 344-152 (december 1988)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

Information from CD and Todd McComb

Pierre-F. Roberge

The Fantasies I-IX are those 3-part Fantasies Nos. 1-9 of the usual sources, whereas the four fantasias for "Great Double Bass" are included in this non-standard number as given above.

The most important composer of the generation immediately preceding Gibbons is John Coprario (c.1575-1626). A recording from this era by the present ensemble:

John Coprario: Consort Musicke
Fantazies of III parts for viols - Dances for three lyras
Jordi Savall / Christophe Coin / Sergi Casademunt
Astrée 7779

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