Coprario: Consort Musicke

John Coprario: Consort Musicke
I - Fantazies of III. parts for viols & Dances for three lyras
Jordi Savall, Christophe Coin, Sergi Casademunt
Astrée AS 54 [LP]
Astrée (Auvidis) E 7779 [CD]
Astrée (Naïve) « Musica Britannica » ES 9923 [CD]


    John Coprario (1575-1626)

  1. Fantasie IX [RC 13]
  2. Fantasie VII [RC 11]
  3. Almaine V [RC 128]
  4. Fantasie I [RC 16]
  5. Fantasie VIII [RC 12]
  6. Almaine IV [RC 127]
  7. Fantasie III [RC 8]
  8. Coranto [RC 129]

  9. ----
  10. Almaine II [RC 125]
  11. Fantasie V [RC 9]
  12. Fantasie II [RC 7]
  13. Almaine I [RC 124]
  14. Fantasie VI [RC 15]
  15. Fantasie IV [RC 10]
  16. Almaine III [RC U 8]
  17. Fantasie X [RC 14]

Playing time: 46' 30"

Jordi Savall, Christophe Coin, Sergi Casademunt
(alto viola da gamba, tenor viola da gamba, bass viola da gamba, consort bass viola da gamba)

Recording site and date:
Church of Bärschwill, Switzerland [08/1979];
Rel.: 1980 (AS), 1989 (E), 11/30/1999 (ES)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

Information from LP & CD.

Pierre-F. Roberge

John Coprario (c.1575-1626) worked for English princes of his era, and together with Orlando Gibbons and others, set about to modernize English consort writing.

This recording presents only a small subset of Coprario's consort music. His influence was very sizable when it came to determining the future disposition of English consort music.

Another recording, including the later composers William Lawes & Matthew Locke:

Maskes & Fantazies
Coperario / Lawes / Locke
Sebastien Marq (recorder) / Le Concert Français - Pierre Hantaï
Astrée 8504

A recording of consort music by one of Coprario's major contemporaries:

Thomas Lupo: Consort Music
The English Fantasy
AS&V Gaudeamus 149

A recording of solo viol music by a marginal contemporary:

Hume: Musicall Humors
Jordi Savall
Astrée 7723

And a recording featuring Coprario's vocal music:

Coprario: Funeral Teares
Les Jardins de Courtoisie / Ensemble Céladon
Zig-Zag Territoires 90302

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