Coprario / Lawes / Locke

Maskes & Fantazies
Coperario / Lawes / Locke
Sebastien Marq (recorder) / Le Concert Français - Pierre Hantaï
Astrée 8504

Playing time: 58'

Under Construction

[?], [?] Naïve (Auvidis) "Special" AS 1 29002 [CD] Shakespeare et la Musique Anglaise - Shakespeare and English Music

A quality recording with some similar material, also highlighting recorder:

Delight in Disorder
The English Consort of two parts
Pedro Memelsdorff / Andreas Staier
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77318

And a recording by performers from the present citation, devoted to one of the leading early recorder specialists, the Dutch composer Jakob van Eyck (fl.c.1640):

Van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-Hof
Marq / Feldman / Lislevand
Astrée 8588

Some other recordings which focus on the theater tradition and include some vocal works:

Exquisite Consorts
Lawes / Purcell
The Harp Consort - Andrew Lawrence-King
Berlin Classics 00 1155 2
Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort Music
New London Consort - Philip Pickett
Linn 011
Fly Cheerful Voices
The Marriage of Pfalzgraf Friedrich V and Elizabeth Stuart
I Ciarlatani
Christophorus 77214

A more extensive production:

Ben Jonson's The Masque of Oberon
Music by Ferrabosco II, Johnson, Holborne
Musicians of the Globe - Philip Pickett
Philips 446 217

And a recording including theater works for larger string ensemble:

Four and Twenty Fiddlers
Music for the Restoration Court Band
The Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Band - Peter Holman
Hyperion 66667 (English Orpheus, Vol. 19)

Finally, a production devoted to the more popular English tunes of the period:

Apollo's Banquet
17th-Century Music from the publications of John Playford
David Douglass / Paul O'Dette / Andrew Lawrence-King
Harmonia Mundi USA 907186

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