Frescobaldi: Pièces de clavecin

Frescobaldi: Pièces de clavecin
Blandine Verlet
Astrée 8654


    Toccate, Libro Primo (1637)
  1. Toccata prima
  2. Capriccio "Roggiero"
  3. Corrente quatro
  4. Partita II sopra l'Aria di Monicha

  5. Secondo Libro di Toccate (1637)
  6. Toccata undecima
  7. Aria detta la Frescobalda
  8. Toccata prima
  9. Aria detto Balletto
  10. Toccata decima

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: November 1972

Instrument: Harpsichord, Anonymous (17th century, Flemish or French), restored by Claude Mercier-Ythier

It is unknown whether this recital had appeared previously, but at the very least the reissue is with a new catalog number and makes no mention of it.

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Todd M. McComb