Narvaez: Vihuela music

Lluys de Narvaez
Los seys líbros del Delphín de Música, 1538
Hopkinson Smith
Astrée (Auvidis) E 8706


  1. Fantasia del quarto tono (2nd book)
  2. Una baxa de contra punto (6th book)
  3. Fantasia del segundo tono (1st book)
  4. Fantasia del quarto tono (1st book)
  5. La cancion del Emperador. Mille regres del quarto tono de Josquin (3rd book)
  6. Je veulx laysser melancolie de Ricafort (3rd book)
  7. Fantasia del septimo tono sobre ut re mi mi (1st book)
  8. Siete diferencias de guarda me las vacas (6th book)
  9. Fantasia del primer tono (1st book)
  10. Fantasia del octavo tono (1st book)
  11. Sanctus de la missa de Faysan regres de Josquin. Osanna de la misma missa (3rd book)
  12. Fantasia del sesto tono sobre fa ut mi re (1st book)
  13. Fantasia del quinto tono (2nd book)
  14. Seys diferencias del hyno de nuestra Senoza. O gloriosa domina (4th book)
  15. Sanctus de la missa d'Ercules dux ferarie de Josquin. Ossana de la misma missa (3rd book)
  16. Fantasia del primer tono (2nd book)
  17. Una cancion de Gombert del primer tono (3rd book)
  18. Fantasia del primer tono (2nd book)
  19. Cum sancto spiritu de la missa de la fuga de Josquin (3rd book)
  20. Fantasia del tercero tono (1st book)
  21. Veynte y dos diferencias de Conde claros (6th book)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: September 1988;
Rel.: 03/01/1990 (E).

Astrée (Auvidis) E 8600 [CDx7] España XVe-XXe - Six siècles de musique espagnole

Luys de Narvaez (c.1500-1555) was one of the first composers to publish collections of "serious" music especially for plucked string instruments (together with Francesco da Milano (1497-1543) in Italy). Most of his works are either fantasias or adaptations of motets. Josquin and Gombert were especially favored by Narvaez for thematic material.

This disc presents selections from Narvaez' six books of intabulations (called Delphín de Música), played on a Spanish instrument of the time, the vihuela. These are energetic pieces, with some Moorish influence remaining in the fantasias. Diferencias are variations, in a specifically Spanish style.

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