Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Earth, Water, Air & Fire
A new look at John Dowland and friends
Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
AS&V Gaudeamus 187


  1. Dowland (c.1563-1626): Come again
  2. Sermisy (c.1490-1562): Las, je m'y plains
  3. Dowland: Would my conceits
  4. Tomkins (1572-1656): O let me live for true love
  5. Morley (1557/8-1602): Deep lamenting
  6. Morley: Leave now mine eyes
  7. Weelkes (1526-1623): Cease sorrows now
  8. Tomkins: Weep no more, thou sorry boy
  9. Dowland: Shall I strive
  10. Dowland: Woeful heart
  11. Dowland: Sleep wayward thoughts
  12. Locke (1621/2-1677): Break, distracted heart
  13. Dowland: Toss not my soul
  14. Dowland: From silent night
  15. Dowland: Go nightly cares
  16. Dowland: Sorrow stay
  17. Dowland: In darkness let me dwell
  18. Dowland: Thou mighty God

Performers: Evelyn Tubb (soprano), Lucy Ballard (alto), Andrew King (tenor), Simon Grant (bass), Anthony Rooley (lute)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: February 1998 (Forde Abbey)

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Todd M. McComb