Tomkins: Consort music, etc.

Tomkins: Consort Music for Viols and Voices / Keyboard Music
Rose Consort of Viols, Red Byrd, Timothy Roberts
Naxos 8.550602


  1. Pavan in F (4 viols)
  2. Almain in F (4 viols)
  3. In Nomine (organ)
  4. Above the stars (6 voices, 5 viols)
  5. Fantasia XIV (3 viols)
  6. Fantasia I (3 viols)
  7. A Fancy: For two to play (harpsichord - 4 hands)
  8. Hexachord Fantasia: Ut re mi (4 viols)
  9. O Lord, let me know mine end (5 voices, 5 viols)
  10. Fantasia XII (3 viols)
  11. In Nomine II (3 viols)
  12. Pavan and Galliard: Earl Strafford (harpsichord)
  13. Fantasia (6 viols)
  14. Miserere (organ)
  15. Voluntary (organ)
  16. Pavan in a (5 viols, organ)
  17. Simpson: Galliard (5 viols, organ)
  18. Thou art my King, O God (5 voices, 5 viols)

Performers: Caroline Trevor, Penny Vickers, Ian Honeyman, John Potter, Henry Wickham, Richard Wistreich (voices), Mark Caudle, Alison Crum, Julia Hodgson, Elizabeth Liddle, Roy Marks, Susanna Pell (viols), Timothy Roberts (harpsichord, organ), John Bryan (harpsichord duettist)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: April, May, June, November 1992

Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656) was the last of the old-fashioned (in the style of Byrd and Gibbons) viol consort and keyboard composers in England. The era of the English virginalists is generally held to have ended with his death. Although he is definitely a traditionalist, Tomkins' instrumental music also contains some original/idiosyncractic elements.

Tomkins, who although of Coprario's generation did not compose most of his instrumental music until later in his life, was also Gibbons' junior (in the official sense) partner as organist at the Chapel Royal.

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