Gibbons: Music for Harpsichord & Virginals

Gibbons: Music for Harpsichord & Virginals
James Johnstone
AS&V "Gaudeamus" 191


  1. Prelude (MB IV)
  2. Ground (MB XXVI)
  3. The Italian Ground (MB XXVII)
  4. Pavan: Lord Salisbury (MB XVII)
  5. Galliard: Lord Salisbury (MB XIX)
  6. Fantasia (MB XIV)
  7. Alman: The King's Jewel (MB XXXVI)
  8. Whoop, do me no harm good man (MB XXXI)
  9. Galliard (MB XXV)
  10. Pavan (MB XVI)
  11. Fantasia (MB VIII)
  12. Fantasia (MB VI)
  13. Alman (MB XXXII)
  14. Mask: Welcome Home (MB XLII)
  15. Fantasia (MB XI)
  16. Pavan (MB XV)
  17. Galliard (MB XXL)
  18. Mask: The Fairest Nymph (MB XLIII)
  19. Pavan (MB XVI)
  20. Galliard (MB XXIV)
  21. Fantasia (MB V)
  22. Fantasia (MB IX)

Instruments: Harpsichord (tracks 3-6, 9-13, 16-22), Willem Kroesbergen (Utrecht, 1972) after Bartolomeo Stephanini (1694); Virginal (tracks 1-2, 7-8, 14-15), Adlam Burnett (Finchcocks, 1973) based on muselaar by Johannes Ruckers (Antwerp, 1611)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: June 1988 (Weston Parish)

Gibbons' keyboard music is modest in proportion but very high in quality. Despite a relatively smaller output, he is always placed with Byrd & Bull in the triumvirate of England's greatest keyboard composers.

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